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Gift of C.O.D.E. Donation

GIFT OF CODE believes that every young person should have an opportunity to succeed by having access to a computer, internet, and quality training in computer programming.

We give underprivileged youth a computer, monitor, mouse, and internet service.   We provide them with the right mentors, trainings, and assist with internship & employment opportunities.

We support our projects by offering affordable online and in-person workshops, classes, coding events, and trainings to the public.

50% of our profits goes to the Gift of C.O.D.E. projects that helps inner city youth, foster kids, and kids from third world countries.

The Gift of C.O.D.E. Projects


Inner City Youth Projects

 From Murder Alley to Silicon Valley Project

The From Murder Alley to Silicon Valley Project is designed to give students ages 14 and older the skills needed to be successful in many career paths, specifically in the field of web and mobile development.

The Mission:
We're help 4 inner city youth from the one of the deadliest places to live in Los Angeles County and train them computer programming that they'll be qualify enough to work for a Silicon Valley type startup.  The youth are from one of the most dangerous neighborhood in the nation.  The area is nicknamed "Death Alley" and "Murder Alley" -- 100 people were killed within the 2 mile space between Los Angeles and Inglewood in the last seven years.  An estimated 40 percent of the population lives below poverty line and street gangs also dominate the area.


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